V 1C10 08 03A857610B5F1269 ;GlobeCast FR/Bufallo (7.0E)
V 1C10 09 F7CFC642B984CBD1 ;GlobeCast FR/Bufallo (7.0E)
V 7400 08 2FB60239D4D8C4D6 ;Mezzo/MCM Belgique (13.0E/5.0W)
V 7800 08 5B141E389C46245F ;Sic International (16.0E)
V E800 08 74681A84CCC600DF ;Globecast Espana (7.0E)
V E810 08 FAAA5389B5630B21 ;Globecast Espana (30.0W)
V 021110 08 35F6B9217C2BA83F38C3C1FD23A5D321 ;Ant-1/Le bouquet de Canal+ (39/26E)
V 030B00 08 FB9A38CE699755F696FFFCDA6EF8D237 ;TNTSat (19E)
V 030B00 09 BFDF66B90B4DA6E4B06EFE850A6B935F ;TNTSat (19E)
V 030B00 0A D5FF2910D8A68C44E4E1B16C2BD1A104 ;TNTSat (19E)
V 030B00 0B 7C6A2428C020023B163E4FE024FF5D9D ;TNTSat (19E)
V 030B00 0C CC72AAFE5265D6D04608E832CEB9EC4D ;TNTSat (19E)
V 030B00 0D 1BCA9E886D4EBD52DA1610613C4805C1 ;TNTSat (19E)
V 030B00 0E E7864DC3514FC39E8819BE691BD507C2 ;TNTSat (19E)
V 030B00 0F 29091E70A9392C67A394DB9B707F1E7C ;TNTSat (19E)
V 030B00 E1 A79AC0DBEC9C9251D1915F058862AF26 ;SurEncryption Key
V 030B00 E2 EF3CB8D36A862097A33FC47101041BE3 ;HD SurEncryption Key







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